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Dead Heroes Club hail from the Walled City of Derry in the North of Ireland and are possibly Ireland's only current Progressive Rock band  Although as one rock critic points out "the blood of Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Tull, Pink Floyd and others floods their veins', Dead Heroes Club manage to achieve an original and inventive approach to their music. Beyond the prog-rock tag, however, the band describe themselves as belonging to the "song for song's sake' category of music, and it becomes clear from the first listen that melody, passion and power are the band's watchwords. The lyrics too are a leading component of the band's compositional make up. Indeed their studio albums could be described as lyrical albums with songs that deal with themes rooted in the modern world.

Composing music under the philosophy of "let the music lead the way', Dead Heroes Club have a lot in common with the progressive rock giants of the past, and yet they have  a recognizable sound of their own. So...get yourself connected with the DHC sound.

Everything Is Connected
Official Release Date 18th November 2013
1. The Hunger 
2. Truth
3. Machine in the Garden
4. We Breathe Together
5. Exit the Queen
6. Sale of the Century
7. Watching & Waiting Man

2013 - “Everything is Connected” the new album by DEAD HEROES CLUB is an adventure into melody, power and passion. Songs such as “The Hunger”, “Machine in the Garden”, “We Breathe Together” & “Watching & Waiting Man” hail in a new era of DHC songs – the band now with a fully developed and recognisable sound have taken things to a new level with a dynamic, emotive and cutting progressively inclined album that is concerned only with the creation of songs: the interconnection of music, lyric & the synergy of emotion and sound.

A Time of Shadow Released 2009



1. Theatre of the Absurd
2. Stranger in the Looking Glass
3. The Centre Cannot Hold
4. A Gathering of Crows
5.The Sleepers Are Waking
6. A Time of Shadow

2009 - “A Time of Shadow” - With a cover design by official Tolkien estate artist Ted Nasmith, the band’s second release has an emphasis on extended compositions with songs such as “Theatre of the Absurd” and “A Gathering of Crows” that showcase the band’s diverse musicality. The title-track, coming in at over 15 minutes long, is a moody, atmospheric and profoundly imaginative work that takes the album out on a high of power and emotion. Others are shorter pieces that offer explosive or reflective music in turn, but each song is always driven by melody and emotion. Indeed the lyrics, as always, are an important aspect of DEAD HEROES CLUB’s compositions and the words, in contrast to some other notable prog-rock outfits, are decidedly contemporary in essence. The songs are grounded in reality, dealing with issues or themes that reflect the world today rather than being flights of fantasy.

Dead Heroes Club - Debut Album Released 2004
1. A Day in the life of the world (6.22)
2. Feel the dark (6.25)
3. Sunrise on the trenches (4.37)
4. Falling from grace (8.07)
5. The road to Jerusalem (4.27)
6. One day too soon (5.59)
7.  Press any key (3.55)
8. Third light (4.25)
9. A Secret never to be told (10.24)

2004 - “DHC Debut”: The self-titled debut album contains a panorama of original songs that range from the unashamed progressive rock leanings of “A Day In The Life Of The World” and the acoustic charm of “Sunrise On the Trenches” to the revelation of power prog in “Falling From Grace” and the epic “A Secret Never To Be Told”.